The new generation of wooden windows with a modern look

VRØGUM SVARRE - Modern Frameless windows

Vrøgum has developed the new generation of modern wooden windows

SVARRE is the ultimate modern wooden window. The window combines a unique design with a virtually maintenance-free exterior and technically some of the most exciting advancements available on the market regarding insulation, burglary proof and sound proof.

SVARRE appeals to customers, that want to stand out, with a more exclusive wooden window solution, which is more beautiful, more sustainable and more expensive, and at the same time a better investment, where the windows will maintain their value and in the end pay for themselves.

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Strong arguments for choosing SVARRE - Modern wooden windows

  • The border of the glass is coloured and covers the timberframe on the inside, which makes an almost maintenance free exterior.
  • The window is triple glazed with super low E glass and thereby achieves a Uw=0,8 as standard.
  • The coloured border of the glass is also guaranteed, it is baked into the glass during the toughening process and cannot fade. The window will look new and stylish through the lifetime of the building.
  • The window has excellent sound proof qualities with 38 dB as standard (42 dB as option).
  • The window is high rated for security and have certificates for RC2N and Secured by Design.
  • Testet and certified at 1800 Pascal for water tightness.

Glass front covers the frame for a unique, architectural look of your building

SVARRE is the ultimate window and door system with a unique design. The external toughened glass is part of a tripple glazed unit that beautiful protects the timber frame and sash.

The external face of the SVARRE window is all glass, covering the well engineered timber work and presenting a seamless flat, shiny surface.

As an architectual element it is simple and stylish, working well individually or as linked units and in direct contrast to finishes like stone, timber, brick and plaster.

Triple glazed glass front in several colors

We have designed it to be the worlds leading, high performance, low maintenance timber window. We provide several color options to the 88 mm baked color band around the edge of the window. Externally your window or door will not have to be repainted and will give you a sleek robustness that is unparalleled.

You can choose between black (9005), antracite (7015) , grey (7040), white (9016)  and red (3011) as standard. For other colors, please ask our consultants.

Create new, beautidul architecture with the SVARRE window

With its design, SVARRE fits perfectly into constructions, where you want a modern and minimalistic architecture. At the same time, SVARRE is a high perfromance window that comply with the toughest requirements for new builds. SVARRE is used both for new builds  and for  renovations, where you want a larger "face lift" of the building's facade.

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Explore our gallery and references with modern wooden windows and doors for newly built homes, renovated homes, sustable building, historic & protected builsings, condominiums, restaurants, holiday homes, and other types of buildings.
Modern wooden windows - triple glazed - frameless windows
Contemporary villa with SVARRE windows installed.
Modern wooden windows - triple glazed - frameless windows
Penthouse apartments with SVARRE windows.
Modern wooden windows - triple glazed - frameless windows
SVARRE windows as part of a sustainable building.