Wooden vertical sliding sash windows - done right

VRØGUM SOLBORG - Scandinavian windows

Innovative wooden sliding sash window

The SOLBORG product line is an innovative approach to the English traditions of wooden sash windows.

Both sashes are closed with an espagnolette and a lockable handle on the lower frame, and the sashes are held in position with spring balances.

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SOLBORG is high performance vertical sliding sash windows

  • Can be specified with sound proof up to 39 dB
  • Uw = 1,4 for reference window W: 1240 H: 1480 with Ug=1,0 glass
  • High quality spring balances
  • Operated by lockable window handle
  • Safe and easy window cleaning from inside, bottom tilt
  • Locked night ventilation position and/or trickle vents
  • 22 mm simulated glazing bars and horns as option
  • Tested as Class 4 regarding wind and water tightness

SOLBORG sliding sash windows - Ideal for restaurants, cafés, etc.

We have sold our sliding sash windows for many years, mainly for villa projects in England, Scotland and Ireland, but also experience increasing interest from customers in Denmark, Germany and others who want a special English style.

In addition, a sliding sash window is suitable for places where you want to be able to open the window without having to take space inside or outside. Therefore, we also often sell the sliding sash window to restaurants, cafes and kiosks.


The SOLBORG sashes are made with internal glazing beads and external silicone sealants so that they  match the casement window design in Vrøgums CLASSIC product line, and can be combined with these  in the same architectural expression.

The windows can be delivered with single or double glazing and can be customized with very strong sound proof

SOLBORG sliding sash windows - Ideal for conservatories

Today, conservatories give you a room where you can relax. Imagine having an extra room in your house for all the family to use, for any purpose. Imagine that room bathed in natural ligth all year round. You get closer to nature and experience the elements without actually being outside.

Sliding sash windows for conservatories can be designed to suit your needs and blend in perfectly with any house. Bring the outside in and enjoy natural light all day long with a stylish and spacious conservatory. The lightness and airiness of a conservatory with sliding sash windows may lead to a whole new lifestyle.

A conservatory is a superb house improvement. A year round flexible extension to your house that brings an extra dimension to your living space and adds value to your home.

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sash windows - sliding sash windows in wood
Private residence in Copenhagen with SOLBORG windows and CLASSIC french doors.
sash windows - sliding sash windows in wood
English farmhouse with SOLBORG sliding sash windows.
sash windows - sliding sash windows in wood
Restaurant in central Copenhagen with SOLBORG windows installed.