An individual & beautiful welcome with Vrøgums wooden front doors

Vrøgums bespoke front doors made in wood

Bespoke front doors crafted in wood with an individual & exclusive look

Bespoke front doors from Vrøgum gives your house the extra individual character. The first and the last thing to be seen and noticed. The quality of your house is reflected in your front door.

Imagine life behind these doors. Untold stories of daily life. But the residents of these homes all have one thing in common – an interest in good craftsmanship, which will make a striking impression.

Vrøgum classic logo

Some of the major details of Vrogums wooden front doors

  • Many possibilities for customization
  • All major signature details from the CLASSIC window product line is integrated in the design of all entrance doors, as glazing bead on the inside with hidden nail holes and silicone sealing on the outside
  • A high secure espagnolette and stricking plate as standard.
  • Strong and stable structure
  • Adjustable hinges and stricking plates
  • Hardwood or aluminum threshold
  • Water- and windproof tested
  • Wide range of functional glasses and accessories (i.e. hinges, handles, cylinders, letter slide, etc.) to fulfil your special wishes

Why choose Vrogums CLASSIC wooden front doors ?

Vrøgum has specialised in manufacturing doors suited for each individual house and/or building project - size, colour, design and fittings can be delivered as required.

Because the Vrøgum products can be delivered in any dimension and colour and because they are designed to harmonize with the architectural style of the individual house, they give the finishing touch to any project, modern or classic, private houses or renovation projects.

Vrøgum offers a countless number of combinations. All items of course manufactured in high-quality.

Plate doors

As an alternative to the traditional glass / panelled door, plate doors are also a possibility. A plate door is characterized by an insulated sandwich construction with a 6 mm veneer plate with aluminum plate behind for stability, on both the inside and outside. It is possible to order the door with different types of grooves, as well as different glass cutouts and color combinations also are an option.


Next to it are our standard solutions, other combinations are also possible, for further information, please ask in our sales department.

Renovation of old, historical or listed Buildings

When renovating your home, it should be done with consideration and respect for the architecture of the building. Vrogum is an expert in slim profiles, matching the original windows and doors.

A wide range of individual profiles makes it possible to renovate without changing the visusal impression of a building, while maintaining the atmosphere and natural light from the outside. Vrogum offers individual solutions without the loss of original character.

Natural wear and tear combined with changes to a building over time, causes demand for a flexible window and door system.
Small or large, traditional or modern, the common denominator is a wish to maintain the original and individual character of your home.

Get Inspirered

Explore our gallery and references with windows and doors for newly built homes, renovated homes, sustable building, historic & protected builsings, condominiums, restaurants, holiday homes, and other types of buildings.
wooden front doors - Entrance door with 2 sidelights
Entrance door with 2 sidelights
stable door
Stable door
facadedør træ sprosser vrøgum individuelt danmark
Entrance door and windows in perfect match with transparent pine color