Technical information for professionals


Section drawings

Take a detailed look at the section drawings of the different windows, doors and miscellaneous accessories Vrøgum offers.

Sound & Noise isolation

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Read more about the certificates wooden windows and doors from Vrøgum has has, including all the details about them.

Installation & maintenance

Take a look at our detailed instructions on how to install and maintain wooden windows and doors from Vrøgum.

Colour selection

Vrøgum offers a broad selection of colours for our windows and doors. Take a look at which colours we offer as standard.

Sales & delivery conditions

Read the sales and delivery conditions that apply when you buy windows and doors from Vrøgum, as well as warranty provisions and more.

Instructional  videos

Video instructions on how to adjust, attach, and replace things like glass, bar locks and more on wooden windows and doors from Vrogum.

Service & complaints

Visit our service page and fill out the complaints form if you're experiencing defects on your wooden windows and doors from Vrøgum.


Check our detailed brochures to find the many solutions Vrøgum offers in terms of windows, front doors, balcony doors and more.