For wooden windows & doors from Vrogum

We strive for great quality - every time

All our windows and doors are produced according to our quality management system, and are CE marked to ensure a high and uniform quality. But mistakes can unfortunately happen, and we take pride in rectifying them as quickly as possible.

Please note that if the error is due to incorrect operation or lack of maintenance, the warranty does not cover it. Errors arising as a result of incorrect installation must be addressed to the company that installed the elements.


Should you experience errors or defects on your windows and doors from Vrøgum which didn't occur during delivery or installation (cf. Vrøgum's warranty provisions), then Vrøgum is  ready to rectify the problem(s) as soon as possible.

Note that complaints must be addressed to the company that purchased the elements. If you have purchased the elements directly from Vrøgum-Svarre, please fill in the complaint form using the button below.