Why wood ?

Aesthetics - Sustainability - Quality - Wellbeing

Wood is nature's own material


From sustainable forestry in northern Scandinavia, we carefully select slow growing pine wood for our windows and doors. Wood sourced from properly managed forests is a sustainable resource.


Wooden windows and doors invite nature to your home - and provide a pleasant and healthy indoor climate with space to breathe and live. A natural product which will last for years on end.


For generations we have maintained old craftsman traditions, how to turn this unique raw material into first class windows and doors, with beautiful design, modern high performance, minimal maintenance and very long life time.

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Slow growing pine wood is the best raw material for windows
  • Wood is functional and flexible - it is easy to precess without using large quantities of energy.
  • Wood can be processed to new windows that look like ancient single glazed windows.
  • Wood can be maintainned and repaired, so it look fresh through the hole lifetime of the building.
  • Wood is the original raw material for windows, used through centuries.
  • Wood can be shaped into round, oval, square, slanted elements,- you name it.
  • Slow growing pinewood has a strucure that is perfect to paint into a smooth and beautiful surface.
  • The scandinavian pinewood has the best insulation value compared to other types of wood, including oak and larch.

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Explore our gallery and references with windows and doors for newly built homes, renovated homes, sustable building, historic & protected builsings, condominiums, restaurants, holiday homes, and other types of buildings.
altandør vindue dør træ sprosse individuelt vrøgum danmark
New balcony doors that matches the old existing windows.
vindue dør træ sprosse individuelt vrøgum danmark
Beautiful windows with arches and simulated bars creates style and character to the building.
vindue dør træ sprosse individuelt vrøgum danmark
Copenhagen Zoo bistro with SOLBORG slding sash windows.