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The Vrøgum CLASSIC bespoke wooden window in wood is characterized by its distinctive construction with internal glazing beads, silicone  sealing on the outside, slim profiles and narrow glazing bars,  which gives a smooth and water proof external surface.
Vrøgum Classic -Bespoke wooden windows & doors - Scandinavian Windows & doors

The Vrøgum SOLBORG window in wood is an innovative approach to the English traditions of sliding sash windows. Solborg sliding sash windows have a unique closing system which result in the sash being pushed towards the weather strip when the window is closed.

Solborg - Bespoke wooden windows & doors - Scandinavian Windows & doors
The Vrøgum SVARRE ultimate modern wooden window combines a unique design with a virtually maintenance-free exterior and technically some of the most exciting advancements available on the market. It consists of a wooden window inside and a full front glass on the outside.
Svarre logo - Bespoke wooden windows & doors - Scandinavian Windows & doors

“ Your windows are your view of the world

...but also a large part of your house. Therefore, we have made it our mission to make beautiful bespoke wooden windows & doors, that will satisfy even the most critical esthetician. We achieve that by being as uncompromising when it comes to design as we are when it comes to functionality.
Our design process is flexible to make sure, that we create the right window & door for your needs. In a time, where production is outsourced and standardized, we stand by our process and our craft.

We create your view of the world. A product with roots deeply planted in nature. A product you can trust – produced in Denmark. Vrøgum is a high-quality window & door manufacturer located at the Danish west coast. In this location, we have produced windows & doors in wood of high quality since 1957.
A Vrøgum window & door is made from slow-growing pine trees sourced from sustainable forestry in northern Scandinavia. Our DNA lies in idyllic natural surroundings. This means, that a Vrøgum window is a strong window. When choosing Vrøgum you know, that your product comes with enormous hardness, strength, and resilience. In other words – your bespoke wooden window will stand the distance, no matter the wind and weather.