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About Vrogum

Situated at the Danish West Coast. In this environment, we have for more than 60 years, been manufacturing wooden windows and doors, with high durability against wind and water.

We are specialized in producing windows and doors made of wood from sustainable forestry. All our products are made from slow growing pine from FSC certified forestry located in the northern Scandinavia in  the Arctic Circle region. The long winter and the short summers in their own give the tree dense growth rings, which mean strength, hardness and remarkable resistance.

Read more about the advantage of using wood for your windows and doors here.


The product is characterized by its distinctive construction with internal glazing beads, silicone  sealing on the outside, slim profiles and narrow glazing bars,  which all I all gives a smooth and water proof external surface.

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The SOLBORG product line is an innovative approach to the English traditions of vertical sliding windows. SOLBORG sliding windows have a unique closing system which result in the sash being pushed towards the weather strip when the window is closed. SOLBORG windows are known for being incredible tight – thereby avoiding draught which is a problem normally related with sliding sash windows. 

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With its design, SVARRE fits perfectly into construction, where you want a modern and minimalistic architecture. At the same time, SVARRE is at the very top with features that comply with the toughest requirements for new builds. SVARRE is used both for new builds  and for  renovations, where you want a larger "face lift" of the building's facade.

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