Vrogum - Svarre has specialised in manufacturing doors suited for each individual house and/or building project - size, colour, design and fittings can be delivered as required.

Because the Vrogum - Svarre -products can be delivered in any dimension and colour and because they are designed to harmonize with the architectural style of the individual house, they give the finishing touch to any project; modern or classic, private houses or renovation projects.


Vrogum - Svarre offers a countless number of combinations. All items of course manufactured in high-quality wood. 


Your safety!
All entrance doors are delivered with security espagnolette with hooks and safety striking plate as standard, making it impossible to enter with force.

Furthermore, Vrogum - Svarre can deliver one of the most secure cylinders on the marked; Janus security cylinder, thereby making your cylinder a 100 % burglar proof. You are the only one who can copy the cylinder with the enclosed magnetic card.


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